okay so i play genres such as metal, metalcore, hardcore, punk, poppunk, emo, screamo etc. and im wondering what distortion pedal i would need to suit my needs i lean more over to hardcore/screamo type of sound so something not too heavy but still heavy enough. my budget is up to and around $100 but i also plan on buying a roland 60w cube.
The Boss MT-2 is a nice metal distortion pedal.

You should go to your local guitar store and try out all the distortion pedals though. Each one has a different sound. Its all personal prefrence.
I've got the MT-2 and it's great for me. I play a lot of Trivium, Metallica, Pantera stuff, awesome pedal.
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IMO, you won't need a distortion pedal since you're already getting a Cube.
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MT2 = worst thing to come out of Roland Boss' product development department since, well... since they started really.