Hey I got a new American Strat and the stock strings were terrible, one snapped after about 5 hours of playing. So I got some Ernie Ball 10s, i then got home and realised the guitar was set up for 9s. So could anyone give me some tips for what i need to do to fit my strat with 10s cos at the moment the bridge is coming up too high and i dont want to stretch the springs. Thanx for all the help people
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Take the plate off the back of the guitar, and tighten the two screws on the trem claw until the bridge sits flush with the body, then just screw the cover back on.
Thanx man, I'm planning to have it floating like it was before so I'll tighted those screws but not too much. Cheers
Hey thanx again. I spent about an hour this morning reading the instruction manual and i did every thing it said. Plays perfectly know. Thanx for all the advice.