ive been using 10-46 and 11-52's on my guitar(ltd ec 400at) for... ever since ive got it and i just put the zakk wylde 10-60's on cause i like bigger strings... was this overkill? is my neck gonna warp? i also tune in standard, step down, half step down, drop c and d and all that and i switch back and forth quite a bit... is my neck in trouble? i also heard kind of a pop/crack one of the times after i stretched the string and retuned it.... i need advice...
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well... i can somewhat bend the headstock sideways, and the strings are higher off the fretboard near the bridge then at the nut which its always kinda been like that
i really really wouldnt mess with it, stick to the gauge for the tuning ur in, if u plan to have that guitar for a long time i guarentee that much string cahnging and those huge gauges will kill it down the road

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