how do i do a pinch harmonic, and also an artificial harmonic....any help would be appreciated
Wait a second, I thought artificial harmonics were any harmonic you created that weren't naturally there, so couldn't touch harmonics also technically be artificials? Oh yea check out the lessons on the site they are pretty good. Word of warning though, A.H.'s can be done on any guitar but its a lot easier on an electric and a good amp makes it even better.
Touch harmonics aren't artificial because they are at the usual places (five, seven, and twelve frets above the note) and because they sound like natural ones.
Well yes when the string is open, but if you do a touch harmonic when fretted its the same idea as a pinch is it not?
The basic idea is to pick the string with both thumb and pick at the same time.

Play around with it, once you get it down, they're easy.
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