This is my 1st try at any kind of 'rap' but its got singing in too during the chorus. I would like your opinion on this, its quite a deep song i think. Well, thx for looking!


1st one there, called 'Gossiptown'
Give good crit and give a link and i'll crit back!
Its pretty good i think, sounds good! what instruments did you record yourself? this sounds alot like a L.P. song or something, but pretty damn good production value for this website! you got a good pink floyd voice btw.
Yes all the instrumentals are recorded by me. What instruments did I use? Epiphone SG custom, fender 100wt amp, mics, desk, computer, drum kti with hot rods, and a dodgy keyboard. Vox is me in the chorus...though it was too high for me so I put teh key down using some software and sung it then put my voice up so I sound like a girl/chipmunk lol. Then added an octave below voice and a harmony voice and volla!
Sounds good man, you have some pretty diverse stuff. Good job. I'm not a real big fan of rap, but at least this wasn't the usual bling, bitchez, and hoes gangster rap that you usually hear. Good job.
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