I went to the guitar shop today and I tried a jackson from the JS serie, but I'm going to buy one from te X serie, but the tone sucks, it was very thin and the distortion was horrible, it was played trough a marshall MG50.
is it the amp or the guitar?
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I'm not really a fan of the x series but I'd rather jack off with sandpaper than listen to anything through an mg

How many of you have actually played through an MG or at least played through one for a while to get some decent sounds from it?

All I see is posts like this when it comes to MG's. They're actually decent practice amps, and you CAN get good sounds from them.

Noxious, I'm going to be the first (and most likely only) person to suggest that it may be the guitar you played. I've played a few Jacksons and none have sounded very good to me. I found pretty much the same problems you described; weak sounding, thin, and also barely any sustain.

I've heard in quite a few places on THIS BOARD that Jacksons usually need a pickup change. Maybe that's the issue here? Because, being an MG owner (and having played more than one of them as well as other amps) I know that you can get good sounds from an MG. I'm saying this from actual experience. I've played many guitars through MG's and I've also played many different models of MG's.

Noxious, I suggest that you go back to the store and try the same Jackson again through a different amp. I think it's probably the pickups on the guitar, but you should be sure if you're buying this guitar (or a similar one).
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