I need to know how to remove a 2005 Fender Stratocaster deluxe knobs, Cause it seems like they aren't press fit, (i've tried pulling them off) and the volume has some S2 switching where the volume knob has a button on it, (I've removed the pickguard and it seems like there is no way to remove the knob from there, are they press fit? I'd like to know now, while I still have my guitar apart, thanks

I need to know because the plastic that came covering my pickguard, when I ripped it off, some got stuck under the knobs and it makes them hard to move and it's ugly.

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Someone recommended using a thin sock or nylon stocking, sliding it under the knob on one side, then making a U-shaped loop and sliding it under the other side of the knob. Then carefully slingshot the knob off by pulling on the U-shaped loop and the two loose ends. Basically you're putting nylon under two opposite sides of the knob and pulling up.

After you take off the knobs, you will need a properly sized socket to unscrew the pot nuts in order to remove the plastic that is stuck under them. Make sure you use a socket with a smooth lip, as it can easily scratch the pickguard. Don't use any screwdrivers or other sharp metal tools for leverage. The pickguard is really soft gets carved very easily.

I am sorry, I don't know how the S-1 Switching Knob works, so I can't give you any advice there.

Btw, does anyone know any other good tricks for removing the plastic film off a Strat pickguard without it getting stuck under the knobs and under the screws? It seems like it's impossible to remove the plastic from under the screws without taking off the the pickguard, which is really annoying!

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uve got to take all the screws and knobs off. it's really the only way.

and the S-1 knob comes off just like the others. thin sock, sling shot the knob off and hold on to the press in S-1 part cause its not attached and ull need to see how it presses back in.

also max out the stems, and line up the volume and tone words on the knobs so they all face the same way, before pressing them back on.

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Good tips guys, I got it thanks, I did end up using a small screwdriver, paying attention to not scratching the pickguard, and I got the plastic off enough, as for getting the plastic off easier, there is no way really unless you take the knobs and screws off like the guys said.

Thanks for your help
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