Justus (Nightwind) and myself were talking about doing a recording together for over a month now! He kept pushing me to make a recording with some spaces left open, so that he could fill them in. Seeing as I'm lazy, this took a couple of weeks

We've chosen the well-known All Along The Watchtower, to get used to eachothers styles. Just to make sure, the first guitar you hear in the song is mine, the second is his. Mine is a bit rounder with the tone knob further rolled down than Justus's.

Let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and still do!

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It sounds almost techno, interesting though.
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It was pretty neat. Things like these keep my amazed at the amount of technology we have in the world.

Elven is a good player, I had a tough time keeping up! Hah. Lately though, I haven't been playing much flatpicking/electric guitar, so I was a bit rusty. All around an enjoyable experience.
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