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I dunno how many of you know about this, but there's this God-like little site called Pandora that's basically like a self-working recommendation thread. You just go type in a band or song you like, and it'll search out bands with similar sounds to it. I've found so much good stuff through it.


I guess you could also tell us when you find a good band you think we should know about, too.
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I requested Billy Talent. It played Billy Talent. I requested Collective Soul. It gave me...heehee....

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...Sorry, didn't see that there were a list of bands...hehe...Oops. Thanks, kickass site.
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Pandora is pretty sweet, I use it occasionally but with their server being across the pond it makes the music jump and skip like a hyper-active 4 year old.

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I used it once or twice but a couple of times it didn't understand some rather unobscure bands and another time it didn't teach me anything I didn't know. It was also pretty slow. It's a nice idea though, I agree.