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I just started messing around on powertab and I got the intro. Then messed around a little more and got what I have now. Crit4Crit.
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firstly, the flatted fifth harmony that you use often enough in the song sounds horrible.
then again, most of it sounds horrible

no offense, but you should delete this and start again
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See post above.
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I'm sorry, but that is the Adolf Hitler of powertabs. I think my ears are bleeding.

Delete and start over.

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lol it sounds like heil hitle rock. your song is missing a chord progression, its 1 or 2 chord played through each riff (if those are riffs!...) , and it makes it sound repetitive,BUT dont give up! start all over again and generate new fresh ideas. cheers

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doest flow.. not even close to even metalish.

I lost interest after the first line repeated.
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what has happened to you quick axe, you use to make good stuff, but your last two songs have just. . . uh, redo it, i like the idea but not the chords

I don't know whats been to me. I guess I'm better at writing songs