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Honestly, I'm not too big of a fan of older hardcore. I'm definately starting to get into it lately though, since I joined an oldschool hardcore band with my friend Josh. I'm already in an active band playing drums, but I wanted to play guitar for a band for a change and so we're sort of my original band's "sister band," like we'll play all our shows together. Anyways, here's our myspace with some recordings we did last night:

Our drummer was buisy, and also he's 11 and isn't quite studio material yet (like I am lol) so I tracked drums and guitars. Guitar tone isn't too great, it's not ballsy enough for me, and the playing gets pretty sloppy. The guy we recorded with is in a pop rock band (all 3 bands are very close), so I was kind of expecting the lack of punch in the tone, and the drums. So yeah I've made enough excuses, tell me what you guys think. FYI all 3 bands are christian.
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