Version 1 Single Recto + footswitch for channel.
Custom (also discontinued) black diamondplate grill.
Been 'round the block but still shines.

1,100 shipped OBO. Serious inquiry only.

PM, AIM or EMAIL me.

http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/msg/215826647.html (pics on craigslist.)

If it doesn't get many hits now its going on the 'bay. locals and UGers get a chance in advance!
Yup. Single Rectifier- 50w head. Version 1.

Supposedly one of the best sounding mesa rectifiers built.

Rectifiers DO have a "Solo" feature. Basically when you get the footswitch (The right footswitch, this one is just a cheapo..) you can have a 'solo' volume boost.