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I know most of the good hardcore bands have screaming as the vocals mainly, but dose anyone know of any bands that have Atreyu style riffs and music, but with alot more singing and less screaming?
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all that remains....diecast
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Bane is more yelling then singing, I wouldn't really count that. If you want "real" singing check out metalcore bands, but if you don't mind the yelling/singing I'd go with Bane, Gorilla Biscuits, Comeback Kid and H20 to name some.
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Haste The Day, A7X, Demon Hunter (more Nu-metalish), It Dies Today, Killswitch Engage
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Protest The Hero, almost all singing.

fo sho
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it dies today, killswitch engage, protest the hero, all that remains.

all good metalcore bands with clean singing.
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You know, I don't really come here very often anymore, so I dont really know what this will do to my credibility, but if you're looking for some cool guitar and singing hardcore stuff, A Wilhelm Scream is alright.

I dont LOVE them but they've got a few really catchy songs and their guitar is a lot omre interesting than regular hardcore.
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check out hopsefall...not really hardcore but you will probably enjoy
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Mmm, yes, Hopesfall=very good. Bear vs. Shark, not really hardcore...they're...different, but I like them a lot and Alexisonfire has some singing too.
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Avenged Sevenfold - City Of Evil
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doesn't anyone know of IGNITE
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^They tear **** up live. Lots of energy, lots of fun.
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check out the new trivium stuff, sh!t's pretty good
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^i used to like trivium until i saw them live. there horrible. and i hear their new **** is even worse. no respect for them.

but anyways--> all that remains, haste the day, as i lay dying
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