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i posted a different version of this song a week or so ago. i upped the tempo and tried a few things, and included a outro solo which i think is a good way to end the song. please crit. thanks
finished song (maybe).zip
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I didn't like the first one, but that one was pretty sweet. I like the outro solo.
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not my style, but it is really well made, the only bad thing is, it gets repetitive, try changing it a little bit or making it larger but adding more parts. cheers

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Drums are a bit too simple. besides that it was pretty focking sweet. Crit my theme song?
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Pretty darn good! LOL, is it just me, or iss that bass/keyboard intro thing dream theaterish? Anyway, good work man! Kinda cool, although it seems the solo guitar plays almost random notes:S but its just me i guess:P PS: the cymbals is a bit boring

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the drums are a bit bland, but they keep the beat.

i think the bass is a bit repetative, but the solo guitar is inddeed awesome.

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oh my god that song was amazing. the outro solo was perfect. the intro sounded awesome and the synth bass was off the hook. it sounded much better when i made the bass an octave lower though but overall this is an amazing piece of work. 10/10
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twas EPIC! I would only suggest changing the drums up a bit if possible.
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The beginning sounded a bit chaotic, but otherwis it's cool. I think you should choose another MIDI instrument for bass, though, if that ever matters.
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Pretty cool, a little odd though lol. The timing felt kinda wierd at times. It did get a little repetive. The backing track under the outro solo didnt work too well, and the solo it self doesnt seem to have any phrasing or feel to it, just some minor pentatonic notes. With a little work, it could turn out to be pretty darn good.

Oh ya, i thought the bass was superb though, really liked it.
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thats a pretty nice song, except once the second guitar kicks in, it all becomes very muffled, are you sure it wont be like when you play it?
and another thing! it only last 1 min 22 secs it needs to be longer
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maybe i can have it palm muted or just have a 2 stringed power chord and not 3 strings
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A very well written song, I didn't mind the drums. Maybe throw in a couple toms in there? The outro solo, like everyone else said, was a great solo, but I found it abrupt. It's just going fast then bang! It's over. And it does seem a bit muffled with the two guitars at once but you just have to increase the volume of the high notes and that problem should be fixed. Good job .
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Its not realy my thing but the bass into was really cool and the rest of the song was really well done. It does get a little repetitive and clusterd at times but i think guitar pro causes a little of the clustering. and vocals keep it from sounding repetitve.

But overall very well done 8/10