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Sup guys, i bought a guitar and i really want to learn how to play. i have started playing some parts of songs. I would like to play a whole song. I dont know much. I have an acoustic guitar. I was just wondering how to start off without lessons, you know like self taught guitarists. I would like play some Jack Johnson songs, I know how to play parts, but id like to learn the full songs. If you guys have any sites, lessons, tips, advice, just post them. Thanks
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Check out some of the beginner lessons on here & the list of songs for beginners.
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I started guitar using a program I bought in a store called Guitar Basics which thought me riffs and to read TAB and now I can play fairly well considering I have been playing since Christmas
There are lessons on UG and i advise play riffs and learn the chord patterns before you actually start to strum alot just learn chords patterns for little riffs and then when you get better at strumming start playing chords slowly then your speed will build quicker than you think just keep at it after your calouses(sp?) i.e. hard tips on fingers form it will become alot easier
So start off slow and dont get annoyed at your guitar and throw it at a wall
It wont be long before you can play one song and as soon as you have one simple song done like "Last Kiss" by "Pearl Jam" you will find it easier to do others
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check out the guitar & bass basics forum, the acoustic guitar forum, and the lessons right here on UG.

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