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I went to it last night, it was awesome. Only band i hated was Fear Before the March of Flames. Best band there in my opinion was Between the Buried and Me. They was amazing, they play exactly like they do on the cd. Anyone else going to this tour?
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I am on Oct. 17th its gonna be pretty fvcking awsome.Norma Jean is allright but BTBAM IS THE BEST BAND EVER IN EXISTENCE IN MY OPINION.
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Theyre truly amazing live, they had the best pits going. Norma Jean did pretty good too, they had a good set list, mix of old and new songs. But yea BTBAM blew all those ****ing bands away...
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I'm going next month. I'm gonna have to drive out to Buffalo, but It'll be worth it.
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Im hitting that up Nov. 3. cant wait to see BTBAM. they are my all time favorite metal band.
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I know that BTBAM music is very technical and would be hard to play moving around and such but I just don't find them interesting to watch (besides the amazing solos).
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I just got back from it; it kicked ass. Fear Before was kind of a let down; they played my favourite song, though. (Should Have Stayed In The Shallows)

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to people who already went, how was misery signals?

They were pretty damn good. They're what got the show going. (Some other band was before them, but they weren't really hardcore material, I thought.) After Misery Signals was FBTMOF, then BTBAM, and then Norma Jean.
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I'll be going on the 21st. All the other bands are bollocks compared to Between the Buried and Me and Misery Signals.
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Misery Signals was pretty good. And i talked to one of the guitarists from the band, theyre really nice ppl.
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i am going to this i am really exicted

because that week is Circa and Thrusday on Tuesday then Deltron on Wesday then this tour on Thursday
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Setlists For Btbam And Misery Signals?
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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
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I was gunna go see it this friday, but I have SATs saturday morning so I cant ****ing go. Its pretty much the gayest thing ever. Id kill to s ee BTBAM live...
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yea im going tonight gonna be sooooooo awesome, illl post tommorow on my experience lol
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to the threadstarter i went to rocketown too.

to everyone else the bands were amazing. between the buried and me played bicycle race by queen and definately had the best music and most talent. norma jean put on an incredible show too. the other bands were really good i just kind of forgot about them compared to norma and between.
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yyea it was so ****in awesome misery signals was a little repetive and fbtmof was ok, but yea btbam and norma jean were amazing norma jean played face:face, memphis, shotgun message and creating something out of nothing and i was so happy to see that
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I can definitely see BTBAM and Misery Signals, even Norma Jean but why do they put those three bands on there and then add a band like the fully down to the bill?
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