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Okay, stick with me for a second, because I know I would love to have this feature.

I know that our forums have an amp settings thread already (at least it used to), but, taking a look into it, although some requests are answered, not every request is. So here's an idea I had. When you go to submit a tab, there are new bars along the top where "Tab Name" and "Band Name" and all of that is. What it will say is something like "Recommended Amp Setting." You have "Gain" "Treble" "Bass" "Mid" and "Reverb" as 5 little boxes lined up next to each other. In those boxes, you simply enter the number that you would personally set your amp too. It might not always be completely accurate, but it's better than nothing. Many people who come onto the sight probably don't know about an "Ultimate Settings Thread", where they could ask for the amp settings. And even if they did, that's no promise that their question would be answered.

This would not be mandatory in any way. You would not have to fill out all 5, or even 1. I think it should be an optional feature that would just help the readers more with the playing (especially if they plan to play a cover). I know it would help me with cover songs a hell of a lot more.

There's always the chance that some asshole might fill out something completely wrong for the "fun" of it, but I think most people, even beginners, can tell if the setting is not right. And even so, someone who would take the time to write an accurate tab wouldn't just throw his tab away by screwing up amp settings for "fun."

Anyway, please discuss the idea some. This would not take up any considerable page length, just a bar across the top of your tab.
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