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When I first came here I was told I posted a few posts in the wrong place also, but I'm willing to help the newbies to post in the correct place (which I had thought I did, with ThundersPunk) then I see her post was closed and said it was in the wrong place. I've used the site for a while so I would like to be clear on this one so I myself and can guide her in using it correctly, and help others too.....

In the rules, which we did read every one.......

it says this:

"New Member's Q&A Forum?This should be the first stop for all of you journeying into the forums. Get your questions answered, make some friends, read some FAQs and get a general ?howdy!? The Newbie forum is NOT meant for questions about playing guitar or for talking about bands. There are other places for that (look at the top of the list of threads in the Q&A forum.) SpacedOut & sonixon mod this forum."

It doesn't say to find a specific thread instead of starting your own to introduce yourself. I am the one who told her to post there and what to do, so how was I to know different? When the thread moves way down on the list, how will each person know that is what they are suppose to do? I am just trying to be helpful here by showing you that even I didn't know newbies were expected to post in a thread already started because I didn't see one, nor is it in the rules that the post says we never read, which we did. I made her read every rule before touching the site. Also, made sure she understood what they meant. Someone new to the site isn't going to be able to read millions of posts to meet people here. So, could someone help me and the newbies out? I forget who mods this forum but this question is basically for you and others who've been here a while I guess.

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What's the question?
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Bitch get off my nuts.

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I asked my mom for a cell phone once, and she said I don't have any friends anyways.
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I'm sure she didn't get in trouble for anything, so you have nothing to worry about. However, if you want to introduce yourself, there's a thread stuck to the top of the page (it can be found here). Basically, it's "stuck" to the top of the page, which enusres it will never fall off the front page, or as you say, go way down on the list.

Don't fret, you haven't broken any rules; you've just made a common mistake that you'll notice a lot of users make.
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