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how do i post a pic of myself in the pic thread so people can see my ugly mug

like i have pics on my computer. how do I get them on here.

basics people... basics... remember I r nubbie
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Host the image(s) on a site like www.imageshack.us or www.photobucket.com , for starters. Once the image is uploaded from your computer to the selected website, copy and paste the URL you are given into UG's picture thread. You can either leave it as a direct link or you can wrap the URL in tags so it appears as an image, rather than a link.


Quote this post and look at the image I've posted if you'd like to see an example of how it's done.
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Or... go to Attach Files on the post page, and click on Manage Attachments. Click on browse in the window that pops up (may have to turn off AdBlockers) and select the photo that you want in your post. Click on upload and the photo shold be added to end of your post.
Like so:
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the guys above me got it, pretty much, i usually use Staggers method more than Pan-Tallicas, but whichever works better for you...

by the way Pan-T, sorry bout the Mets man
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