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Some threads are scowered throught the main page, Blues/Jazz, and rock. I think Funk should have its own forum.

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finally someone with some sense...hell yes funk owns
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Not enough demand for one.
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Be completely honest with me here... Do you really think a Funk forum would get enough attention, or would it be, for the most part, barren?

I just have a feeling that if the UG team has shot down requests for a drum section, this Funk idea will get shot down too.

EDIT - Lol, pretty much what Bum said.
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There are a fair few forums that are pretty empty on here though (or at least they are whenever I'm online), but I guess there's no call to add another barren one...

I'd like a Funk forum though. If enough users say they want one would you add one then?
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I don't think it'd get enough attention to warrant its addition. Leave it bundled under other music or modern rock.
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It won't get enough attention for it's own forum. Unless some new musical genre is invented soon and it gets lots of traffic, there will be no new forums.
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