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This may or may not even be worth the trouble of posting, but I just got a warning email yesterday, which isn't the end of the world or anything, but the reason for the warning was I posted in a spam thread after it had been reported, which is against the rules, sure, but I posted reminding people to stop posting becuase about 10 people had. I guess strictly speaking I deserved the warning, but it seems a bit..harsh...
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posting in reported threads is against the rules?................................... uh oh
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i dunno, they thought i posted porn or something a while back and i got banned for it
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technically, you aren't supposed to post either way, cause it brings the thread to the top again.
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I got banned for calling a guy who wanted to build a pipebomb a terroristic noob.

Just be careful and don't get warned again, in 30 days youll be scott free.
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