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Guys i need some tips on how to pick very fast on a bass. bassically i just want to be able to to tripelits in 4/4 time. any suggestions
(with a pick)
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ok, it hugely depends on the tempo but just keep practicing. I play guitar but i can play pretty fast considering i've only been playing for 2 years. My only tips, practice a lot and use a new pick, old mangled ones tend to stick/drag on the strings with me.
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Thicker the pick the better.
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practice. tripplets are fairly easy, with a pick you shouldn't have any problem
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use this warm up

if you do it over and over it builds speed really quikly
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you just have to practice. I've only been playing for 3 months and luckily i picked it up quick as friends tell me. It all comes in good time. I learnt by playing the verse to pull harder on the strings of your martyr. Which is pretty quick. And avoid thin piks. I'd say no thinner than 1mm.
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Hold the pick between your thumb and first finger. Do the following in rapid succession:

pick down
pick up
flick middle finger out

Have a rolling motion to your wrist so that the end of the middle finger traces out a circle. This, in flamenco, is known as a rasqueado, and you can use this to strum triplets very rapidly.
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