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What do you guys think of Atheist? I think Unquestionable Presence is one of the best albums ever. What do you guys think of Kelly and Rand? RIP Roger Patterson
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Seriously, all three albums rock the fuck out of me. Bass is amazing, guitars are awesome, drums kick ass, vocals are great. Songwriting rules, lyrics rock.
One of those sad cases in which an amazing band only produces 3 albums. Elements for the win.
Atheist is incredible. Every one of their albums is excellent. Unquestionable Presence is my favourite one though, every song on it is good. A perfect mix of thrash, jazz, and progressive music.
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Just bought Unquestionable Presence about a week ago because my friend kept bitching at me to get it....and yeah its freakin amazing. Should have gotten it sooner.
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From the looks of these posts it looks like I should check them out. What is their best album to start off with.
these guys never really caught on to me.
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Can anyone give me a comparison soundwise? I often see them lumped with Death and Cynic, the latter of which I have yet to really get into.
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Great, great band. Patterson was a much better bassist than Choy is, yet Choy is still a great player. I'll be seeing them December 2nd in Baltimore, and, by the reviews they've gotten from the European festivals, it should be a damn good show.
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I would like to say: Piece of Time, Unquestionable Presence, and Elements > everyone in this Metal forum. Atheist are amazing.
^If Jimmy likes it, then I'll check them out.
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Aw, nice to know I'm held in such high regard. . But yeah, to stay on target, Atheist ****ing slays. Jazzy death metal FTW
nooooo Athiest>cynic by far!! and they're at Murderfest with Obituary
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nooooo Athiest>cynic by far!! and they're at Murderfest with Obituary

Well, first of all it's unfair to say that. Just because they have 3 x the amount of albums Cynic have, doesn't make it fair at all. Cynic=owned really hard in 1 album. Atheist=owned pretty hard in Unquestionable Presence. So Unquestionable Presence x 2=Focus. Elements and Piece of Time together are rather subpar compared to that and in the end don't equal more than half of what Unquestionable Presence was. So, therefore, Focus > All of Atheists works.
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I was SOOOO close to buying one of their albums the other day, but I wasn't sure which one to get (they had all 3).

I have heard a old live video of Air and their recent live performance of Mother Man @ Wacken (A video), really enjoyable, but not the best quality recording. Are their albums produced well??? and are they all similar styling?
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Downloaded all their albums, they are fucking owning me so far.

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Elements was indeed forced and got boring by the middle.

But Unquestionable Presence and Piece of Time are the fucking bomb.
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I don't agree, Elements was solid through out. I enjoy it more then Unqestionable Presence although I love both albums.

But if I'm not in the mood the vox bore me