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Whats up everybody,

I hope this is one of the best if not the best forum to learn about the guitar.

I have personally chosen to learn the acoustic, because I enjoy the sound. I've always loved music and feel that this is and would be a great way to express myself.

So far I've had the guitar for about 2 weeks and my uncle is kind enough to take time to teach me. Right now I just know a few chords and was shown how to play Smoke on the Water. I'm still having a hard time putting everything together but I am determined to learn how to play.

I guess my overall goal is to understand and learn as much as I can so that I will eventually be able to create my own music, as well as play other pieces from different artists.

I look forward from learning from all of you.
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I think you made a good choice to learn on the acoustic first. It'll help you to develop the hand and finger strength that you will need. Good luck to you. Stay with it, you'll be rewarded in the end.
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wrong forum? anyway, acoustics are the best prerequisites to music making... i mean, like, its the best way to start then level up into... uh.. say, electric guitar and play leads etc... finger strength is the best thing ye can learn with an acoustic esp with large guages of strings... ^^
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there is a thread for saying hi and introducing yourself at the top of this forum

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