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Hey guys whats up ?
I am a beginner as a guitarist and I had just bought an electric guitar. My question is :
How can I make it sound like all the diffrent sounds I hear in sons ? For example like the guitar sound in you shook me all night along or hells bells ? Do I have to use electronic device to make the guitar sound like that ?

Thank you for your time .
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You can adjust the settings on your amp to make it sound pretty close to the sound you want. It depends on what effects your amp has though. And yes, you might need to use some kind of pedal to get the exact tone or sound. I just have a practice amp but I can still get tones out of it that are ok. It's not the best though..

And what gear do you have?
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You shook me all night long and hells bells use just regular distortion. I'm guessing since you just started your amp will most likely not have a gain knob nor a reverb knob. For rock songs you normally turn the gain on high and press the little button labeled "overdrive." You will also need to turn reverb on to about 3.
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this forum is not for guitar-related questions. we have forums here at UG for Guitar & Bass Basics, Guitar Gear & Accessories, and Electric Guitar. check those out.

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