I was wondering anyone! Who is a skilled Guitar Pro Tabber, meaning Drums, Bass, Guitar and Etc, can tab out this song for me I would be so eternally greatful! The song is The Legendary Theme (Album Version) by Coil for Ps2 Game Gitaroo Man.

The song is so..emotional, as a power ballad, the way the Guitar almost is sing the song you can feel the soul of the gitarist really coming out in the song. There are three versions of this song. One is the Acoustic Version which is availble on the internet, and the second is, an Album Version (Which is a Power Ballad form of the song) With Overdriven Guitars (At least 3). The Third Version is the in game rendition of the song which has a few duet guitar riffs periodicly throught the song that you can ONLY get when playing the game. Which are amazing, and difficult. The song itself is pretty difficult for someone with little experience like me to tab out. Thus I have turned to Ultimate Guitar. SOMEONE! ANYONE! PLEASE Tab this song out! If it's really good,

I might even pay. But no promises.
Destroy the spineless
Show me it's real
Wasting our last chance
To come away
Just break the silence
'Cause I?m drifting away
Away from you
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