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I have a acoustic steel string guitar, and I bought it for about 90£. But the strings are so tight that it's hurting to play it. My electric guitar was not very expensive ether, but that is great to play on.

I've tried to shorten the bridge.

What can i do to make the strings less tight but still keep them in pitch??
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Nothing. The only way you're going to release some tension is to tune down. Try tuning down to Eb. It's not a huge difference, but it will make playing easier.
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Isn't that just the nature of the acoustic guitar? you could always try some lighter gauge set of strings.
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Quote by Boxen101
Isn't that just the nature of the acoustic guitar? you could always try some lighter gauge set of strings.

My friend had ErnieBalls and they have a great feel and they were light as well.
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Electric guitar are easier to play than acoustic guitars. Electric guitars strings are easier to press down.
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What gauge strings are on them? A lot of times using a smaller gauge string can solve this problem.

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There are 2 big reasons that people think the strings feel tight on their acoustic. The first is that strings on acoustic guitars are much stiffer than the strings on an electric guitar. Unfortunatly this is important for good acoustic tone so if you won't to sound good you have to deal with it. The second reason strings feel tight is that the slots in the nut are not deep enough. This is something that can easily be fixed by anybody with the right tools. A luthier will fix this for you for about $20 or if you have the right tools you can fix it for free.
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