idk if this has been asked,but i havent searched,but what is the real intro and verse to Walk by pantera?,i see alot of bands now usin the 0--1^--0,but i watch vids of dime and stuff,and its sounds like 0--2-1h--0...i would like to no,b/c me and my friends wanna cover it for a thing we r havin at a skool near us,and we want it to be dead on pantera...thnx...
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in Riffer Madness (collection of Dime's articles from Guitar World mag), he says he does Walk with string bending, not hammer-ons or pulloffs. He shows both ways, saying he prefers the string bending way:

"I dunno know about you, man, but the 'right way' sounds far better to me -- its much heavier and nastier. I call going half-a-note shy of the note I really want to hit and then bending up to it Texas Style."