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OK! LIsten. I am a young guitarist and for christmas last year my mom got me an Epiphone DR-100 acoustic. And now it's been 2 years and I have been getting a little bored of the acoustic. So my mom says 'OK, I'll get you an electric... But it has to be less than $500 bucks.' So evey time I go to my guitar lessons I go early so I can try out the guitars they have(Nottlemen's Music Co.). So, Ive found a Strat not a squire strat for $350. She said she would think about it. Then I found a nice Ibanez Artcore with a bigsby and it's metalic red for the same price. I've plugged it in and it sounded great. So help!!?? Which one should I get?
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it says new member's Q and A, don't be so uptight, yes, those are guitars, if you really want a tremolo that's a lil more versatile than the bigsby then i'd say the Ibanez SAS240FM, you can set it up so it'll gu down AND up, and it holds tune pretty well, and it'd much better than a squier strat, it's 440, but you could possibly talk them down to about 350-375 especially if they know you, it's an amazing guitar, try out all the ones you can, and decide which one you like most
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it says new member's Q and A, don't be so uptight

new members not new guitarists. if you had read the FAQ stickied thread you would know that this forum is not for guitar-related questions, but for questions concerning use of the site/forums.


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