i tried posting a review on the UG main site, for Chrome Division's album Doomsday Rock n Roll, but it got rejected for nonesense reasons!!
is it cuz am new here or something? if so, what does it take to post a review?
they emailed me back, saying it was rejected for one of the following reasons:
- We already have a similar contribution in the archives
- It was inaccurate (bad spacing, bad format, etc)
- It has bad language or bad grammar
- It was too small

none of these reasons apply to what i submitted!

they also said, to email them back if i thought the review should not have been rejected.
i did, but nothing happened for over a week now or so!
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Maybe it was too biased, or you were calling it crap and rating it 1 without any evidence or reason why. Maybe there was too much, or it just sucked.