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I really don't know where to post this but
does anyone have a vocaless version of Grand Theft Autumn by fall out boy or ohio is for lovers by hawthorne heights.
Also could you post how its possible to take the vocals out of songs but leave all the instruments un touched
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I'm not sure where to get backing tracks, but I can tell you removing the vocals from songs whilst leaving everything in there is a bloody hard job. Requires some serious gear or at the very least a very accurate and powerful multiband EQ.
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Wrong forum, go to the pop-punk and emo forum, truckers.
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ok, Gibson your pissing me off. this is not a question for the Pop-punk emo forum first of all. its not a question about Fall Out Boy or Hawthorne Heights. Its a question about backing tracks. think about what you say. secondly, stop reporting these threads like this. ive seen "*reported* wrong forum, truckers." about a million times. these people are new to the site and the mods will tell them what to do. most likely dont know what *reported* is, so stop abusing what little power you have and let KaosInTheDark or Sonixon deal with the issues in here as they see fit. this is a low traffic forum, they see what happens. the Noob forum isnt like the Pit where 400 new threads a day are made. they can see when things are in the wrong forum.

so, mr Hulkamaniac let the mods do their job. you clearly dont know what needs to be done anyhow, considering you have reported all these threads days ago, and they are still open. if they are it means the mods are letting it slide.

now jeez, be nice to the newbies, let them find out what they are doing wrong on their own or from the mods. or at the very least warn them about what they are doing, doing dick out and say "wrong forum truckers" and leave them to get banned. help them solve the problem by instructing them on deleting the thread, or editing it to make it suitable.

duality is not a n00b, hes been here two years longer than you. he said he didn't know where to put the thread. he obviously would have thought about the Emo Forum, but like me, realized that it was about backing tracks, not the bands. if this is the wrong forum, which it likely is, Kaos or Sonixon will deal with it.

later, trucker.

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^While that was put a little harshly, I pretty much agree. The trucker guy needs to chill out.

As for where this thread should go, I'm not even sure myself, to be honest. Due to the nature of the request though, I would say it could have gone in the Pit or maybe even the recording forum (I think backing track stuff is dealt with there sometimes).

Also, you can get programs that take the center channel out of the audio, which usually contains the lead vocals, (but sometimes snare drum or something randomn like that) but it'd be your best bet, unless the band released an intrumental version of the album.
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they have karaoke programs out now that remove vocals from songs.
there are also a couple of tuscam machines that do an "ok" job but tend to cost money.
removes some of the vocals not all.

there's also guitarbt.com
they have free BTs. but the site was down for a while. i think its back up now.

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