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ok, i havent posted anything on here in ages, so i figured id post 5 songs, well 1 song and 4 work in progress', all the titles are undecided, just named em so i dont get mixed up. ill run ya through em here:

'afro-groove' (WIP) - african jazz style groove, very much influenced by african trumpet player Hugh Masekela, just based on a repetative 2 bar groove, the solo's arent perfect, but i just wanted something to make it less repetative, didnt write a trumpet solo, because i know bugger all about the instrument.

'cave' (WIP) - influenced by the material off phish's 'round room' album, just the intro and verse so far, its pretty nice.

'jacobs bladder' (Full song) - influenced by traffic, despite the fact it doesnt really sound at all like traffic, features a recorder solo (WOOOH, ROCK 'N' ROLL), and the second interlude is my attempt at doing something polyrhythmic.

'Zappism' (WIP) - obvious from the title who its influenced by, frank zappa. just messing round with some time signatures and such. my fave out of the ones im posting here, but I feel like ive nicked the first riff from somewhere, so if you recognise it, tell me.

'Old time' (WIP) - mike oldfield influenced movie theme type thing, has some weird time sigs, i like the first part, not too sure on the other part.

right, thanks for looking, any comments will be greatly appreciated