As the title says...I'm thinking of picking up another 12 string acoustic so I can convert it to a 7 string. The neck width at the nut is nearly the same on both instruments, so all I would have to do is make a new nut on that end. As far as the bridge goes, I was going to remove the 12 string bridge and replace it with a blank from stewmac, drill the bridge-pin holes properly spaced for a 7 string and make a new saddle.

As far as the headstock goes...eh...

I was thinking of doweling the tuner holes and sanding down the peghead face. I'd then glue an ebony veneer over the headstock and then drill the holes for 7 tuners in-line. After that, I'd reshape the headstock and get rid of the excess peg-head that I don't need.

So, any other ideas that I might have missed here? As far as the internal structure goes, I don't see any problems...if it can hold 12 strings, it shouldn't have any problems with 7. Would I need to replace the bridge plate inside the guitar, or would I be fine with simply replacing the bridge? Also, would anyone recommend patching the holes in the soundboard under the bridge before gluing up the new bridge?
I honestly don't have any how-to advice for you, but I really like your idea. I think its really cool and I'm sure we all would enjoy some pictures of your project.
I have seen an old Yamaha 12 string turned into a 7 string somewhere on the net a while back. It was one of the old split headstock models though (which I love) so he just left the headstock. He also though made some sympathetic strings with his own tuning mechanism. Pretty cool guitar.
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sympathetic strings...hmmmmmmmmmm...

Do either of you (or anyone else that reads this) have any solutions for pickups? I'll admit I've only briefly searched, but I can't seem to find a piezo bridge for a 7 string.
have you found acoustic strings for a 7 string yet...electric strings wont work..properly

you'll probably have to buy 6 strings and the low B string individually

theres a 7 string acoustic.

i cant find any packs with 7 strings though, but im still looking
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I know there are already 7 string acoustics on the market, but I can buy a 12 string for way cheaper than those 7 strings. As far as putting strings on it, that's not an issue (just about every guitar store has a drawer full of individual strings in various guages). The only questions I really have at this point concern the bridge plate, soundboard and peghead alterations, as well as finding a way to amplify this guitar.
I would think that any under the saddle piezo pickup that's wide enough would work. There's lots of 12 strings with piezo's in them, and you're not widening the saddle slot, right?
Your project sounds pretty good, not unreasonable like all the other 7 string conversions either Anyway, about strings - I've got a 7-string acoustic, and I buy a set of 6-string D'addarios, then another single .66 D'addario string (those are the only single acoustic strings I can find that are heavy enough for a low B). Seeing as they have those strings in the UK, I'm guessing they'll be on Musician's Friend or something.