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Heres something i made quite a while ago, but didnt finish it all the way. I decided to post it back up after i finished it up. This is the most complex piece i have ever written, i think. I experimented with more complex bass riffs instead of the usual root note thing, i used string skipping, arpeggios, harmonized tapping, strings and choir ahhs, etc. I really like the way it turned out. I called it Legacy cuz i felt it gave kind of an epic feeling when u listen to it.

Any crits are appreciated and will be returned if you have somehting you want me to crit. Thanks
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Only criticism would be the difficiulty of actually playing that in a group. But then we dont all right music to be played. 9/10
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very well written. i loved when the electric guitar comes in at first. great riff! great piece all together.

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