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I think it would greatly improve tab searches if UG had a feature where you could tick a box for what type of tab you want to find, e.g. a box for Guitar Pro, box for Power Tab, box for ASCII and a box for Chords. This would be easier than having to look down the list for the one that says Guitar Pro, or something on the side.

I know it isn't hard as they are now, but I think it'd be better and quicker for finding tabs with that sort of feature.
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Never had the problem looking, but it's a good idea...
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Okay, so here's what you do. Search for any tab. Take, for example, Stairway To Heaven.

Now, look in the top right hand corner of that link. See it? Right underneath "Search Results" and, to the right, there is a selection of the tabs types. There is already a tab filter, you just have to search for the tab and then choose it. Choosing it on the first page wouldn't make any difference.

The filter should say:

filter: all / guitar / bass / guitar pro / power tab
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Ah never noticed that feature. Sorry for wasting space and time with this thread.