I recently purchased a 1988 Ibanez S540 and have just finished restoring it. All hardware (including the trem) is painted gloss black with heavy clear coat. The body is satin black with satin clear. The only problem with the guitar was the neck was cracked in three places, near the headstock when I got it, but it has been professionally repaired. It was glued then completely sanded, then treated with lemon oil. You can barely see the cracks, just because it was unable to remove the dirt before gluing. It has the original Floyd Rose Edge trem and Wizard neck. Electronics have been cleaned and completely rewired. Stock IBZUSA pickups. The guitar was made in Japan. I've included a shot of the neck after repair (before treated with lemon oil, so it looks dry). I will be able to post full shots Monday. All offers will be considered. Thanks.

$250 shipped? i live in kansas.
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I could do $300 shipped. I accept PayPal and money orders, though I prefer PayPal for the sake of record keeping.
Here are the pictures:

The price is $300 shipped anywhere in the US. Trades welcome. I'd really like to swap for a Schecter Omen 6 if anyone is interrested...