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I haven't written anything new in a while, but hopefully I'll find some time to write some new stuff soon. Anyways, here is a piece I wrote a while back, but just now finished up. Its a mix of Acoustic and Electric, with a little backing piano. Tell me what you think.
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Ah. So glad to see some more from you. Always love DarkSonata work.

The piano and acoustic guitar duet beginning sounds amazing. I think when the distortion comes in, you should have the piano still playing. Even just playing the same thing as the acoustic guitar would sound really good there.

I like the 4 bar piano break after that, but I dunno about going back to the same stuff right before that. Well, after listening to it, with the accel on there, it sounds good.

I love this next part. It sounds great. The rhythm is great, and the lead is awesome. And it flowed really well, too.

Wow. I love everything after that. The next little 'eerie' acoustic part. And the dist guitar with that sounded GREAT. I loved that. The part after that sounds just as amazing. I love it. That lead guitar is great.

I dont really like the sudden change from the distortion back into acoustics. Though, I do like the distortion used with the acoustics.

That was awesome. I loved it.
My only suggestion:
You could really add some character to this song with some strong bass lines. Not a lot of fancy stuff, necessarily. But there was a part. At bar 39, with the acoustics. I could really hear like a 4th note, open fret hit on the bass there. Something like that.

I think you took a look at my latest awhile back.
I've updated it since, and would definately like your take on it.
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well you meant what you said. i'm glad. listened to the whole thing. good stuff. you have a definate style about your work. i'd say that if you put out a cd of these songs, that a main complaint from people that didn't like it is that all the songs sound the same. anyways, just about this one song, let me see if i can remember all i wanted to say. well those 4 chords used throughout the main first part just sound too familiar. it would really make the riffs better if you based them off a slightly different chord progression. the accelerando was rad. i think that first soloish riff though should just be repeated once. i didn't like the second one as much too. and then the note is held out, it should get softer. and maybe change notes in the 4th measure. that could be one direction the song could take, by elaborating on that, but you chose something else, cool. i like how the riff after that doesn't sound like it's in 4/4 but then sort of rhythmically resolves into a new riff that just builds the energy. when will you start writing bass lines? i think it's time. sort of awkward transition into measure 51. i mean there really isn't one, haha, just that abruptness didn't work for me. nice fade out. how old are you btw? well, what more can i say? niiccccccccce.
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Thanks guys....I know what you mean by the same chords, I have only recently started to dig into the endless amounts of chords there are, when I started this I was basically writing on what I knew. And yes the bass. I also recently got more literate in that too, before I would write some bass and then get lost. I'm working on something right now that will have bass, hopefully it will be good. I agree with the fade thing I just never really put those in. Ohh yeah when i wrote this i was probably 17, right now im 18...in my first semester of college and starting to record a little with a new friend. Hopefully I'll get some of these songs I have in powertab recorded.
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Ahh, yet another great song from DarkSonata. I thought it was great. Though, where you had the accel. it made it sound kinda weird, but the leads were amazing, so I can look past that. But, over all great work. Crit my newest if you get a chance.

Forever In My Heart, link is in the sig.
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wow man. your writing skills are amazing. very well done. i do think that the chords are reapeated too often, but it still sounds very nice. if you get time, could you crit mine. its the bottom link in my signature.. thanks.
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My only complaint is when it cuts to pure piano. It's like when you're at a Styx concert (for those of you who might be fans). You're rocking out to Tommy Shaw and JY playing some awesome solos when Dennis De Young screams out, "Alright! Now it's time for a piano solo!" leaving you wondering what the hell just happened to the rock. Another way to put it is like Yannie kicking Malmsteen in the groin and then saying into the mic, "Hey there. Is everybody ready to soft-rock?"

Still, I've always loved your work, DS - the changes from guitar to piano were just too sudden for me.
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Excellent stuff. Just quite a lot to take in I felt. The piano at the start was great, the second solo part was also top notch (I begun to get bored of the first solo though, repeated too many times). One annoying thing about powertab is that the fades on it are pretty bad, but if you were to record it I'd recommend them because at a few points it did feel slightly like you were jumping from one guitar to another and thats the only reason it felt a bit disjointed. Other than that it was very good, nice selection of ideas (and good ones at that). Nothing felt like there was no thought put into it which is always nice.

Oh, one last thing, I'd recommend fading out with the two guitars going together. Without percussion it just felt quite lonely.
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Hey, that was cool. One thing that I think would be cool is if you go back to the i-VI-VII-V-VI progressions again. That sounded cool on the piano, and it deserves to be heard again somewhere in the song. Other than that, the only part I didn't like was bars 53-54. Just didn't sound right to me for some reason.

Cool stuff, man. Good to hear from you again. Care to crit some one of mine? Links are in my sig.
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Critting as I listen... The intro was alright, didn't really like the last bar of it though. But when the piano came in, it kind of covered it up, so it was alright. Also, the piano just sounded better. Liked the little piano break after that... Woah crazy solo. Didn't expect that. It was awesome, except for one part the rythym goes


Didn't really like the bold part. EDIT: Code didn't turn out too well, but you know what I'm talking about.

Liked the little riffs after that... Really liked bars 51-54 (I think those were the ones) When the distortion comes in, it sounds pretty cool. Very good song, but you've done better