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im new as you can see. i would always come here to just see tabs but today i felt like joining the UG commuinity. let me start off by saying how i started playing the was around my 13th birthday andi really wanted a my dad bought me one. i took some lessons but i HATED taking them so i just quit taking them( the teacher was from a famous band from back then thats all i could tell you).so i stopped taking intrest on my guitara month after i got it(it was a squire with the crappy frontman they give you)a couple months pass by and my guitar starts getting dusty and i ignore it. Then after school finished in july me and my friends went to our local best buy. they had guitar hero out so me and my friends decided to play it. something triggered inside me when i started to play because after we left i had an urge to play my guitar.i got home and played it .having failed trying to play some of the GH tracks i decided to relearn playing guitar since i forgot everything i learned from when i had 4 months after the urge triggered i play at an intermediate level and guitar knowlage has GROWN since january. i can learn alot of song my friends tell me in a couple of hours or days(depends on song).My dad promised me a new guitar, amp, and distortion which im still waiting for.The next guitar i plan on getting is a Hamer and a marshall amp since i went to my local guitar shop a few weeks ago and i saw the marshall amp i like from the sound. Ill post more later since my parents are yelling at me to go to sleep
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welcome to UG. there is a thread at the top of this forum for introductions though

oh and a tip, break up chunks of text like that with paragraphs or the kids here will lose interest after the first 3 words

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