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Written for someone, obviously... If you can't tell, I was on a bit of a Scorpions binge when I wrote it. The break is too "Still Loving You", I think; but once I realized it, I said "screw it" and here's what we have!

But, enjoy it. It's my culmination of about ... maybe two hours work over a few days.
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That made my ears BLEED. You have many things wrong and things that should be fixed.

1) Keep track of the total beats per measure, must were two measures in one.
2) IMO guitar 2 would sound better on clean
repetitive repetitive
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Yeah, I was lazy with the measures, I must admit. But, it's just a technical difficulty that has nothing to do with the music itself, so I'm just going to leave it be.

As far as guitar 2 turning clean electric, it isn't going to happen! The wammy bar doesn't sound for tied notes with the clean electric; however, I did make a compromise. I lowered the volume of the distortion guitar and added a clean jazz to the guitar 2 sections to help raise it a bit. It sounds better, I think for those sections alone ... but for the second distortion guitar doing all the bends and little solo bits and stuff, the jazz/'stortion doesn't seem to fit.

As far as many things wrong with the piece that should be fixed, aside from the little technical stuff like time signatures and measures - would you mind giving me a hint as to where I've gone wrong? The only thing I really don't like about it is the solo bit in 30/31. It just seems out of place.
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It was fine besides what I said already. Could you add the new verison?
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it was ok
list of improvments
1 take out the power chords
2 the note on the first fret low E string should be a ghost note
3 both 1 and 2
man.....fuck you guys
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i liked it alot man. i got a suggestion though. when you switch to the power chords, instead of playing whole notes, i think it would sound alot better if you played 8th notes. Also, the outro was kinda weird. some of those licks didn't sound very good. just a few minor things though. very good job. if you get the time could you please comment the song at the very bottom of my signature.."3-0-9" I'd appreciate it.
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