Hey guys this might sound really stupid, seen as i have been playing guitar for about 4 years now; but i don't know what strings to buy for my acoustic. (please note i only got this acoustic a few months ago and i haven't had it for 4 years and not changed the strings; its just i usually play electric.) I would like strings that i can bend nicely and that still produce a clean acoustic tone. My guitar is equipped with a truss rod so i could put electric strings on it, but i just dont know what to go for. Please, if someone could help/advise me i would be extremely grateful.

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Ernie Balls medium or lights. Or D'addario's are real good.

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elixirs are nice on the fingers. if you want them electric-like, go with a lighter gauge.
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OK, thanks, i will have a look in to them. But, are there any strings on the market for acoustic guitar, which will give you the "bendibility" of an electric.
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well if you want to bend, just use a light gauge
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OK. Whats the difference in chances of them snapping whilst play, when you go for a lighter gauge. Is it a lot easier?
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it's easier to bend, therefore easier to break. what're you playing?
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Tuning down or using a lighter gauge would help with bends. Also, if you bend with only one finger when you play electric (I do), try doing the bends with your ring finger and putting the middle and index fingers behind it for extra strength.
dude! Not elixers what ever you do. Get d'addario's . They are just as great and three times less exspensive.

And phosphorous bronze.

That is what I have on mine, and I swear by them. Mine are a little heaveier of a guage tho, but it should be the same quality with a lighter set. Note that bends sound very different on acoustic & electric
elixirs are ok if you dont plan on changing strings often. but id have to agree that daddario EXP's are cheaper and just as good.

note that coated strings are harder to play because they have more mass on the string, thus more tension. phosphor bronze wont last you too long if you play like me, but are easier on the fingers.
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I definately agree that D'Addario's are good strings. I haven't been playing for a long time (a little over a year) but they are all i use. They sound great and definately worth the price you pay. I used to use Elixer's but I would recommened D'Addaio's over them anyday.
i personally love lighter gauge elixir strings, the coating makes it really easy to slide, and they last longer than the daddario exps, in my experience. for bending, its never going to be as good as electric, but try tuning down a half step and using custom light strings. be warned a standard tuned, med-heavy gauge will sound much better. also medium in guitar strings really is heavy. i havent seen heavier strings around
elixirs: the coating started to peel off on me
exp: dirt somehow got into the string, despite the coating.

i dont know what to tell you.
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Dude go Elixir Nanoweb (NOT Polyweb) 12s for best combination of tone & ease. If still not comfortable, go to 11s but not any lower. It kills the tone below that. Also try D'Addaro EXPs. They are very good, in fact better than Elixirs in the long run. I'd say go EXP.

Dude the coating peeling off is alright, its a sign for u to start saving for the next set of Elixirs! And abt EXPs, Given their coating style, dirt cannot POSSIBLY get into the coating. Its just b/w the wrappings of copper. Dont worry abt it, it wont hurt the tone or strings.
martin SP mediums, they arent hard to bend (for me at least), i hate elixers, the strings feel like they are made of plastic, and its harder to control slides, plus ive noticed that they sound kind of dull compared to uncoated strings.
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I would rate exp's over elixirs but personally i think that both sound too bright for my tastes. I like the warmer sound that u only seem to get with regular strings. I use d'addario EJ16's (12-53) but yeh, like has already been said go for a lighter gauge if u wanna do bends more easily.
im gonna def agree with silvertone420 and say that martin sp phospher bronze mediums, they are the best acoustic strings ive used so far
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From your post I would recommend Extra Light strings as they will bend easily. I use Martin Marquis Phosphor Bronze Extra Lights on my Zager Zad 80. THat is what is recommended by the manufacturer. I would generally stick with what is recommended. Martins are pretty high quality and I will buy them about 5 sets at a time from Musicians Friend as they are cheaper. Change your strings at least once per month. I usually change mine every 7 to 10 days because that keeps the sound at its optimum. If you insist on changing strings every season then try Rohrbacher Technologies Titanium Strings. They don't really wear out like steel strings because there is no corrosion. I have used them and they will be good until they break. The sound just isn't quite as good as steel but if you are changing strings every few months that may not be an issue for you.

Also I have learned that when you change strings wind the strings from the peg hole up as this gives the string a better shot across the nut with less likelihood of hang-up. (Learned that from a Master Luthier). Also stretch your strings. String it bring it up to tune and then grab the string about the 12th fret and pull it up back and forth medium hard to stretch them out. Bring it up to tune again then do it again and then push the strings down at the bridge and then tune it. It will stay in tune longer and you shouldn't have to tune it more than once per day.
Ill be honest, ive used earthtones phosphorus bronze, the "pinnacle" of phosphorus bronze strings, i hate them.

Ive used martin strings, lovely sound but they lose thier tone too easily.

Elixirs are the way to go in my opinion, last for ages, easy on the fingers, incredible tone. have never used d'alligos but i will try them and post again.

hope that helps
the nanoweb elixirs dont peal as bad as the polywebs do. i like the nanowebs. has anybody ever tryied firewire strings i tried them about a month ago and still have them on my guitar and they are still bright and sound just as good as the day i put them on. and i play everyday for about 2 hours.
NEVER put electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar! Martin Marquis or SP's I have found to be the best soundwise. Use extra lights and they will bend fairly easily. If your string height is too high the extra lights might help that a little. Check with the manufacturer as well and see what they put on it. THat doesn't necessarily mean anything. Stay away from cheap strings.
I bend strings all the time on my short scale Martin 000-28EC and 000-18GE guitars. Tried Elixir, but it robbed the tone out of my guitars and made my Martins sound more Taylor-like. Martin SP sounds great, but they don't last more than a week, though I do use them occasionally for recording.

My favorite is the D'Addario EXP16 Phosphor Bronze Light because the G string is easier to bend (.024 gauge) and they have a great tone for blues. They start out bright, but mellow rather quickly and lasts.

Extra Light is available if you don't have the strength, but it would sound anemic on an acoustic guitar. If you play mostly lead, you could set-up your guitar with low action.
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