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So, I've been working on this for a couple days now, and it involves two guitars, a bass, and a piano. I think they work together quite nicely, and I'm pretty proud of this song. Tell me what you guys think!
P.S. I only make songs that I know I can play, so that's why the difficulty level isn't too high.
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The intro reminds me a LOT of Offspring, and I really like it. It sounds good.
I love the piano part. That sounded really, really good. And it flowed very well.
The only part about the intro line is that it's a really awkward rhythm. Other than that, it sounds good.

I don't like the tremelo picked notes on verse 2. But that's partly because tremelo sounds bad on MIDI. Other than that, that part sounds pretty good.

Overall, it sounds really good. It's definitely a pop-punkish style song, but it sounds really good. I liked it.

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yeah, i like it, bar the tremolo parts, probably because of the PTB, but meh.

really well done, i don't think the pop-punk genre, but that your song is a really good interpretation of the real emo. so props to you for that.

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I liked it, especially the underlying part on the tremolo section and the quiet strumming under the piano part. The rhythm on the intro and repeats felt awkward, but other than that the flow of the track was really good and generally well thought out. Well done.

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That was really good. Really had a pop-punk feel. But, good pop punk. Like, The Offspring. Very well done in a genre that usually isn't good. So, thumbs up for that. Crit one of mine? Links in my sig.
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