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Or not. Two guitars, bass, drums. The guitar parts aren't particularly hard(especially rhythm) because my band's guitarist aren't particularly skilled. I would play guitar instead, but none of them play bass at all. As the bassist, I tried to avoid a simple eight note pattern, but I'm kind of a slap noob. It's supposed to sound slapped, but Guitar Pro is gay sometimes. The midi has slap, but once the other stuff comes in, it gets drowned out. Drums suck, as I have never been a drummer. Tell me what you think.
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Good song, liked the slap bass parts. Thought the lead guitar was excellent as well.
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Nice, I liked. The bass made the song.
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wow, nice slapping, its nice i love it, its like a heavy RHCP song
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strangely, some of the parts reminded me of fall out boy (guitar/bass)...i dont like them, but it was an awesome song
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Seriously, Fallout Boy!? Oh crap. Well, I guess as long as it was good it's fine.

Thanks for the crits people.
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sry, not the guitar...the drums and bass, and not enough to make it a bad song at all
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It sounded pretty cliche, i mean the drums and rhythm guitar were boring, the bass was good, not great and the lead guitar seemed pretty much like every other lead guitar line in a alt rock/ pop rock song
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It's not particularly original because I wrote it for my band which pretty much only listens to radio stuff. Rhythm is boring because our rhythm guitarist sucks.
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i see the fallout boy association - your re-intro made me think dance, dance (bass and drums together)

but it's pretty good, i liked the bass pattern, aswell as the lead guitar part in the verse

chorus, was ok, but some parts clashed with each other

solo would be ok without that vibrato

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