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Why not separate the "Classifieds" forum into states, and countries? It would make it a lot easier for someone to find something.

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itd create a big mess i think. use the search and search the classifieds for your state. i think in the rules it says that you're supposed to put the state/country in the title for easier searching but a lot of people simply dont read the rules.
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yeah but then what happens if it's a small item..that could be shipped?

then you would have to go through every single state looking for it..

seems kinda hard...

but that's a really good idea for the "Musicians Ad's"

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maybe regions(like east or west US), but not states and provinces to many categories.
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not the first to suggest this. Gr.
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Theres alot of states and alot of countrys.

Bad idea.
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could mean alot more work on the site, and thus cause probs, its fine the way it is...
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if you're including states, you're going to have every single county/state/subdivision of every country, and thats alot. it'd be a huge, huge, uncontrollable mess.
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