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Hey all... I wrote this for a battle of the bands concert in a couple weeks... we need one original and 3 cover songs... this is the original... I don't generally even LISTEN to punk... but the cash prize is too good to pass on... besides... it might be fun to play with different people FOR a different crowd.

Anyway... ANY questions, comments or snide remarks are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Yeah... I sold out...
MM Concert Project.zip
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I guess I'll take your word for it that the lyrics are punk(screaming, hopefully). Otherwise this is more pop-alternative...I dunno, it's hard to tell because everything sounds so synthesized. If there's a lot of heavy distortion on tha tin real life, it could pass as some kind of early green day punk song...maybe...It'll be interesting to see how the crowd responds...
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Not bad, but doesn't really sound punk, but yeah its pretty good
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They lyrics are "sung" durring the verses and screamo-rapped durring the rest of the song.

This sounds synthesized because it was made on GP5, Sid.

...so it's NOT punk, damn... alright, any ideas for improving it? Anything you can't stand about it? Anything is welcome...