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i feel stupid, ive been on this dam site for about a year and i still don't know how to post pics? Can anyone tell me?

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A year?
*looks at your join date*
You sure 'bout that one? If you find one off google or another website, you right click it, then left click "Copy Image Location".

You then set up some image tags like so (but without the quotes) "" You then paste the image location inbetween the image tages so it looks like this (but without the spaces).

Then when you post, it should have a picture. Mine would look like this:
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I discussed this with IndeMetalhead in the site feedback once, and we both agreed on this: there's an ass right above the "uit" in "Guitar" on this site's banner.

I zoomed in on it once...

Quote R0CKER or me to see how it's done, if you don't quite understand.
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Using a Firefox extension (Image Zoom) I'd say it's most ass like at 200%

Ti find the url of the picture:

With Firefox:

Right click the image
Click "Copy Image Location"
Paste into the tags

With Internet Explorer (*cough* FF is better *cough*)

Right click the image
Click Properties
Find the url (right in the middle)
Select it, start at the beginning, since some of it's sometimes hidden.
Copy it using Ctrl+C
Paste it into the tags
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