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link below with what i have completed so dar (still wip). it's sort of an acoustic folk metal piece i guess.

i haven't completed the solo yet (kinda cuts of in the middle), and the quarter notes are a bit dull on the heavy part so i plan on changing that

any other critique? if you drop a link to you're piece ill be sure to feedback on it too

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Its a pretty depressing sounding piece. I really liked the beginning, but the transition into the distortion seemed a little sudden. Is it going to be instrumental? I think it would be better that way, but maybe add some drums to it to really fill it out. If not, then its cool anyway. good job. 4/5

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Seems to chop and change a bit, but could work with some drums going as well. On the intro part I would play the first section twice (like you have) and then the second section just once, but that's just personal preference. Also, the outro, wasn't overly keen on the less active guitar was playing, it just didn't do it for me over the picking piece.
Some nice ideas in there though and nice to see a piece in 3/4.

If you get the chance feel free to take a listen to mine (
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It was pretty good.The first heavy part sounded a little weird, but other than that it's a decent peice. Crit one of mine if you get the chance? Links in sig.
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i think it all sounded great, sick ass folk metal... the bridge felt a little weird, cuz the chord progression sounded like it didnt beloing in the song. and that last riff is ****ing sick, that better be a transition into like another 12 minutes of song. overall== excellent

EDIT: also i wanted to tell u i think the solo is ****ing awesome, personally i think it would help the music more if it was a little faster and a little longer, cuz it blends in a little. i think that would make it really powerful

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