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I made this thread in the tab talk, which is now in the FAQ

I made it so that there wouldn't be anymore power tab or guitar pro question threads, especially the dreaded "Guitar Pro v Power Tab" thread...

It had the affect I least expected...Very little affect at all. These threads still are all over, and I am wondering because of the thread title.
If someone could change it to maybe "The Official Guitar Pro and Power tab thread" or something of the like, it might get the idea of the thread across easier, lowering the amount of those threads...

Thanks in advance
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No, no, no.... This must fall into the pit of death known as "Guitar Pro vs. Power Tab."

Guitar Pro is obviously far superior to Power Tab. I have both, shamefully... But Power Tab is the gayest, close to useless thing I've ever had the misfortune of downloading.

I will concede, however, that Power Tab is free. But BitTorrent solves any of those problems, I'd say...
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Well no, threads about powertab & guitar pro are not going to disappear as the thread you made is not a FAQ, its a comparison thread, which is useful, but its not going to eliminate threads about the softwares.
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Yeah, I was about to say the same about the FAQs. You've made a Vs. thread.

Adding a true FAQ to it may not be a bad idea. You seem to know (or at least think you know) what you're talking about, and if you are tired of the threads surfacing, what people need is the FAQ to answer their more pressing questions.

So keep what you have, and just add on questions you see in all of the threads you're tired of (along with answers). That would definitely make it a better contribution.

The thread name seems good enough. I would tie the reason people are ignoring it to just that - most people don't bother looking at the stickies.
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Ok, thanks for the comments everyone, and also Greenfinger I will try and take up your advice, but I don't know how to get people to know I can answer questions in there...
Anyways, thanks!