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Heres a song I just made. It might sound a little boring and repetitive without vocals, but what can you do witg guitar pro right?

The solo isnt exactly the one i play, i hate tabbing solos in GP so i just put somehting there similar to what i would play.

Cant wait for your crits

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Nice song!
Must have taken you a while to do all the tracks as well. The pre-chorus bridge riff c reminds me of trivium.
Wait, the whole song reminds of Trivium, but yeah this song rules you should record it with vocals and a band. Best song I've heard on UG

9/10 - The song rules but bits of it aren't as original as the rest of the song, but it still rules.

The solo sounds fine, great in fact. That's one of the best user-created songs I've heard on UG although like I said it could be a little more original in places.
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I liked it. Very cool riffs, nice rhythm. The solo was good, and the part where in text it says "whammy stuff" I varied about with whammy stuff in Guitar Pro, and it sounded cool.

So good stuff mate.
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this is pretty good. Solo is a bit too...choppy? too much picking. Add some legato to smooth it out. Also maybe some more bends? In the real solo make sure you do this. Otherwise this is a very good song. 9/10
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Its not bad. sounds a bit emo at times but the drums are really good. they take me forever to do on gp. the solo is nice u should let that last bend ring out a bit longer!
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wow, amazing! really nice song you got there man! record it and post it here on UG!
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