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For two points.

Have I ever told you the way I adore you
The way you dance and sing
Right in front of me
But you act as if I wasn?t there

Now tell me something
Dose it turn you on that I m excited
Is this weird?
Do I scare you ?
That's not my point
I like it either way tough

I'm sorry for that
Let's just forget it
The way you ignore the world
But treat it like a stage, is something enviable

But the way you twist and turn is something that intrigues me
I get lost in the dips and spins
It's the only thin I can think of
Keeps me going through the day, until I can get back to you

So what's it like to know you have control over me
That I spend all my time thinking of you
The small time we have is what I live for
The anticipation makes me sweat
Through the sheets
And not sleep for days

The notes that you carry, ring through my ears
And is what will finally sing me to sleep
After the tossing and turning

But now I have you all to myself
The only dancing now is twitching of your body on the floor
And your slit throat becomes your new mouth
The sound of blood now sings me to sleep
Tomorrow you will be still
I and will mourn
But for now I will
Dream to this new lullaby

Redundant Black Beverage

Cardboard for paper and hot liquid on request,
Knots tied in circles of what I’d expect.
Such an innocent brew,
Quite lacking in colour.

Right on cue my urban cockerel exploded in sync,
With my pulsating temple, throbbing in my head.
With my sacred black beverage,
Redundant, I left.

Private secrecy from my personal secretary,
Yearning dark cravings to warm up the gut.
Salary demised,
And the final straw plucked out from my mouth.
But damn that coffee; it doesn’t half stain your teeth.