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Yeah, don't have a name. Been kicking around for a while. PTAB is pretty unpolished, and definitely don't have everything written down/figured out. Just a fun rock song, not really hard but not soft, see if you enjoy it or not.
rock song.zip
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I have to say i love that bass, mainly after measure 21
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sounds beautiful!!!
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Thanks a ton!

Yeah, the whole second half (ie. after the bass) was kinda added on as more of an afterthought (so it feels 'complete') but the rhythm can get a bit repetitive the second time around, i can see how that can happen.
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That was really good. Had a very modern-rock feel to it. I absolutely loved the bass and the leads. This song was very well written. Awesome job dude. Crit mine if you get the chance? Links are in my sig.
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